Jenny Chiu

Professional Multilingual
Master of Ceremonies, Civil Celebrant & Wedding Planner

I truly embrace the joy of weddings and I live and breathe Chinese & Western cultures

Professional Multilingual Master of Ceremonies

“I would like to be the blessing to the wedding couples right from the beginning of when their hearts align for this life-long commitment.”​


The love story of the couple with class and significance

Fetching of the bride

One of the most important Chinese wedding traditions is the ceremony when the groom fetches the bride usually from the bride’s family home. Before the groom can claim his bride, he with this troop of groomsmen undergo a series of tests in the form of fun games, to demonstrate his love for the bride. Jenny and her creative team design and coordinate the games that speaks of the love story of the couple with class and significance.

We can assist the bridal party or lead as necessary to ensure this piece of Chinese traditional is smoothly conducted in both Chinese & English. It is also fun, safe and will fit with your busy schedule of the big day!

If you would like someone professional to look after you and prepare your bridal party for a good start of the day, (to ensure all games are well designed, safe and create some loving stories for everyone to remember for a life time, while keeping everyone in check, stress-free, on time and support your photographer and videographer so they can take all the nice footages that worth millions for you) a fetch the bride specialist will be your safe companion to start your planning journey.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

In Chinese culture, the tea ceremony is a significant tradition for the bride and groom to pay respect and show their gratitude towards their parents for all the years of nurture and love. In turn, the family will express blessings for the newlyweds as they start their marriage as husband and wife. The tea ceremony also symbolises that the bride and the groom officially belong into a new, extended family. During the ceremony, the bride and groom will address the relatives with their new titles while serving them tea. Each ingredient used in the tea symbolises different meaning and blessings. All Chinese tea ceremony service covers: Professional styling and planning advice, decorations and tools including kneeling and back cushions, luxurious china tea set, premium grade and organic ingredients for the wedding tea and pack down after the ceremony concludes. Fully conducted tea ceremony by Jenny in Chinese (Cantonese/ Mandarin) and English

The Jenny Chiu's signature package is carefully designed for couples or families who are looking for a dedicated person to consult, style and set up, who is able to transform a familiar / rental with minimal disruption of the orignal decors. If you are also looking for seamless transition between locations on a busy day without worrying about having major set up and pack down, this package will be for you.

Bespoke package will be suitable for couples who would like additional decorations such as tea ceremony backdrops, tables, gift trays, dragon and phoenix candles and other ornamental pieces that will accent your cultures.
Price can be quoted on request.

Multilingual Civil celebrant / interpreter/ translator (who travels!)

Weddings are wonderful occasions that bring people together, especially two families and sometimes even two different cultures. But it is difficult to accomplish a sense of unity if half the crowd has no idea what is going on in your wedding! Your guests who took the time to attend your wedding should be able to have the pleasure of enjoying all the romantic sentiments of the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom.
Jenny is experienced in working alongside with religious or civil celebrants, to translate and host the full or selective part of the ceremony and coordinate the guests for the formalities from entrance to the group photo moments. She ensures the smoothness and harmony of your wedding ceremony, a true unity of the two.
Since mid December 2022 Jenny has become a fully qualified Commonwealth-registered civil celebrant, so not only she can do it all but with almost 10 years of working closely with the industry best celebrants, her experience is truly unique, just unparalled.

Yes, now you can imagine the impossible, a multilingual civil celebrant who can gracefully and effortlessly switch between 3 languages, simply because she speaks the 3 languages, everyday!

Wedding reception multilingual MC (wedding host) and coordinator

Choosing someone to be the MC is a very nerve-racking process itself – someone who has the appropriate temperament and aura? Someone who is trust-worthy and not to risk all your money spent on the reception? Someone who knows the rundown very well and able to coordinate with all service providers and ensure any mishaps are managed and most important of all, someone who can be fluent in three different languages?
Jenny speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently and highly experienced in event and stage management, hospitality and years of experience leading and managing high profile events in Australia and internationally.

Why compromise if you can experince truly premium service with Jenny and her team of selected vendors?

Languages and Creativity

“I am thankful for the gifts of languages and creativity and I believe no two couples are the same, so as their weddings. Every one of them should be unique and I am here to help.”
- Jenny Chiu​

Area of Expertise!

Jenny speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently and highly experienced in wedding and corporate events and stage management. 

Jenny never reuses any couple’s template. Wedding day including the wedding ceremony and reception  should be tailored to your vision of marriage while balancing the requirements from various suppliers that we all should respect so the team together can maximise your day! Rarely a planner would have experience in hospitality (including function management, back of house, front of house), stage performance and management as well as audio visual knowledge, yet Jenny has it all. 

Throughout the planning, Jenny has YOU, your budget and your wedding wishes (also your thoughts that go out to your guests) at heart, manages suppliers and reviews the service and sales contracts so you understand and nevigates all legal obligations while helping you allocate your time and money wisely. 

More than 15 years of experience in corporate, community and cultural events. 

I provide professional and pro-bono service for charity and community groups in Australia and overseas. 

Wedding Planning Service

Jenny offers wedding planning service that most of the modern wedding couples are looking for! 

With over 10 years of industry experience and network, Jenny offers unique and budget-wise wedding planning service to help a lot of modern day couples who are looking for advice and consultation to plan, budget, execute and enjoy their very special day without worries. 

As an accountant by trade, Jenny provides simple, stress-free and money-smart guidance to help you achieve your dream wedding and assist you to achieve better outcomes with your financial and time investment. 

From wedding consultation to ensure you are on the right track to the smooth operation of the rehearsals, wedding ceremony and reception, I will be your go-to to ease your nerves, guide you through the whole process so you can relax and enjoy this once in your life time moment. 

Service is offered online so no matter where you are you can plan your wedding with Jenny without geographic limitation! 

Literally, you can ask me anything about wedding, I will most likely have the answers for you! 

Destination wedding – Jenny has been planning for couples who are getting married in Australia but from 2023, outbound destination wedding will be back to Jenny’s travel agenda. 

August 2023 Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan weddings are available for bookings now! 


Marketing & Events - Multilingual services

Are you an agency, business manager or event coordinator and you wish to have someone multilingual to assist with your projects or an interpreter/ translator for your Chinese-speaking clients?


are you looking for an event consultant who specialises in Chinese PR and marketing for your next corporate event, community festival, product launch or client visit? 

Please contact Jenny Chiu for full suite of services. 


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