- Jenny Chiu ​

“I'd like to be the blessing to the couples right from the beginning ,
when their hearts align for this life-long commitment.”

Jenny Chiu multilingual wedding MC Chinese Cantonese Mandarin English Japanese

Professional Multilingual Wedding Celebrant & MC

Jenny lived in Hong Kong for 18 years before pursuing further study in Australia. With a broad spectrum of professional experience in Hospitality Consulting, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales locally and internationally, Jenny has been well-received as a host for various corporate and community events. 

In 2012 Jenny travelled and lived in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. She later successfully auditioned for singer-actress for a stage production and toured 17 different cities in the UK and South France. In 2013, Jenny returned to her Australian home and started taking assignments as an MC and performer, continuing to pursue her passion for performing arts alongside her professional career. Jenny is regarded as one of the best multilingual Marriage Celebrants and Masters of Ceremonies (MC) in Australia, with solid industry experience and a passion for bringing cultures and communities together. 

Multilingual Weddings Signature Services

Fetch the bride – Chinese wedding door games

One of the most important Chinese wedding traditions is the ceremony where the groom fetches the bride, usually from the bride’s family home. Before the groom can claim his bride, he, with this troop of groomsmen, undergoes a series of tests in the form of fun games to demonstrate his love for the bride. Jenny will be your councillor, adviser, safety steward and fun maximiser! If you ever wonder why bother, ask Jenny for advice and millions of challenging ideas that are modern, safe, and uniquely yours. 

Chinese wedding tea ceremony host and planner

Chinese wedding tea ceremony host

In Chinese culture, the tea ceremony is a significant tradition for the bride and groom to pay respect and show gratitude towards their parents for all the years of nurture and love. In turn, the family will bless the newlyweds as they marry as husband and wife and the couple is then formally introduced into each other’s family.

With over 11 years of experience, Jenny is one of the very few trilingual wedding tea ceremony hosts in Australia who offers full suite service, including planning, modern decoration, styling, and hosting. 

Jenny never compromises on quality, from the Chinese wedding tea set and tea leaves and traditional tea ingredients to the decor pieces carefully handpicked from around the world! 

Civil Wedding ceremony celebrant

Wedding Celebrant / Interpreter & Translator

It is rare in the industry; Jenny has over 9 years of experience working alongside some of the best and award-winning celebrants as an interpreter and MC before obtaining her civil marriage celebrant qualification at the end of 2022. 

With such a unique experience, Jenny consolidates the best from the best and designs bespoke civil ceremony experience for any couple who is looking for (that most of the couples regarded it as…) :
warm and classy, eloquent and elegant – “best-in-class” wedding ceremony with strong technical skills in bringing multicultural and multilingual elements into their wedding ceremony.


Multicultural weddings

“Multicultural weddings are beautiful – we are privileged in Australia, where people embrace multiculturalism.

I encourage everyone to choose the wedding rituals to include in the celebrations that define
their identity and life journey.
- Jenny Chiu​